Richie’s Theory

So can men and women just be friends? You tell me. Every person has their answer and has various theories as to how they came to their answer , what I heard today got me thinking. So this whole topic comes up when you hear so and so is dating so and so and the first thing that hits your mind is “there just good pals”but little do you know. The Richie theory then comes here.

The  Richie theory is that, when people of the opposite sex meet, a decision is made instantly on whether you want to date this person. In the case of too much testosterone and estrogen levels one instantly skips that decision making stage and one thing leads to another well… It can be quite risky as they never really last #WORD. So if the hormonal levels are normal then one will make two choices either to give it time or let me just jump on to the next ship. When one gives it time, friendship allows you to know if you want to go all the way with that person or the ts best we remain friends. But if you jump on the ship, that ship will sink even before you set on sail to destination love.

His point: men and women can be friends but it is the level in friendship that will determine whether or not you want to take it to the next level.

What’s your theory?


If you thought rugby was hyped wait till you see what b ball has in store for you.So this weekend KUSA have their Nairobi finals. the greatest teams will battle it out both men and women for the Nairobi title. the place to be from 4 p.m  to 9 p.mon Sunday is the Nyayo stadium. Come cheer and scream your lungs out. there will be a hyped up DJ to woo the crowds, music and a guest artist. Just make your way there.

Home Breakers

Blogging at this time of the day is not something I choose to do but due to burning matters. I choose not to be silent because it is my business to comment and tell people what makes me tick. I am a ticking Kenyan time bomb that is ready to explode any minute from now.

Today i logged in to my Facebook account what do I see a page 100000 likes… How is it that it is January and  you are so idle that you decide to create a page that will bar one from being the president of Kenya. Really??? How old are you? Have you been to school? Do you know that even with one billion likes you still cannot do that. People, you should understand that social sites are not placed anywhere in the constitution or even in the judicial system so you can’t do that. If you want to do that create an independent Facebook republic build it and seriously work on it and when it is somewhere close to where Kenya is then you can put that in your  constitution.

On the other hand there are the various websites and vernacular stations that are being used as a medium to spread hate speech against various leaders. Just because there is the freedom of expression please do not use it against the country. When one decides to publish on their website or make a statement on air, remember it is not the leaders you are hurting but it is Kenyans you are inciting. The aftermath of your message will be seen days or months down the line and trust you me it will not be a pleasant site but one that may scar you forever. So what happens next? Do you think you can undo the aftermath of your “message”. Well am sorry to burst your bubble but yo cant.

The major role of the media and the various communication channels is to mainly enlighten the masses. If you cannot do that then find something else  just lay on your bed;its better to sleep than destroy a nation.

Whichever leader one decides is the candidate to articulate their problems best, then that is non of your business, as long as they are sane and have a voters card then do not tell them what to do or think they are old enough to make their own decisions. If any Kenyan needs your advice they will surely ask you for it.  PLEASE DO NOT FORCE ISSUES.

Bottom line we all know who we want as our leader, let us not be swayed by people who are driven by petty waves of ignorance and lack of self drive. Just because you have a position.Do not misuse it. Kindly do not be among those who push so hard to destroy what those before us fought fearlessly to their death to establish. Kenya is our home so think twice before you make a statement or post that can destroy our home Kenya. Keep in mind PEACE,LOVE AND UNITY.

Christmas Philosophy

Yes once again the Christmas season is here, its evident the timing just feels right, the advertisements everywhere on T.V, radio, billboards you name it. Unlike other countries we really don’t need snow to tell us its Christmas. In the back of my mind I still ask myself what is Christmas ? What has it got in store for me? What do i stand to gain or lose? One really has to get to the bottom of it in order to understand truly what Christmas is.

According to many it s a day set a side to mark the day that Jesus Christ was born and that on that day God brought salvation to man. That is  definition of Christmas from what I have been taught. As yes we commemorate  yes we do go to church and yes we do thank The Lord- but after that what next? is the most awaited day over? people actually plan Christmas for the entire year and not for it to end after just a few hours.

so now here is what I am  trying to say. Christmas for me is always Christmas when my family is around me ts not a large one but the ten people actually do make me feel at home.(I actually used to think that the people on t.v are saying that its family time because it is on the script) the main deal is to share your joy with everyone. Whether its a long lost cousin or a father who has never been there just share the love.

Family is important no matter what you have been through with them, put that in the past and try make things right. Even if your friends are always there family does come first. They give you that belonging factor because you are one. you do not want ten years down the line you are not in any family photo you have no story to tell. but if you cannot make it to be with them, you can always make someone have that family that they have never had. Make merry  after all January rush is almost here again. Give and am sure someone one day will also give to you. drink a bottle but not too much  that will make you lose the meaning. Give work a break and f you must work share that feeling and find joy in what you do. Last but not least enjoy for you never know what may come next.

Jamuhuri Feeling

The day today is 12th December 2012 , and the typical feeling that comes to a typical Kenyan is today no job, no school, meet up with pals and go drinking. Well this day has got so much emotion that one actually needs to seat down and reflect not only on their lives but the history of this country.

Yesternight John Allan Namu of KTN gave a feature on some of the MAU MAU freedom fghters and their life afterwards.If one is passionate about their country some of the stories will make you want to cry or even make you want to participate then in the fight. Their experiences are so touching, all this for what? they would have as well stayed at home and worked under the colonial rule but they choose to fight and go through the harsh and difficult times.

have you ever felt that feeling when watching an American movie and there is that feeling of patriotism and you go lyk shucks I wish Kenya was like that, and don’t you just  like how the Americans acknowledge their founding fathers. well i think its high time that Kenyans start appreciating the many men and women who fought for the Independence of this country. even the little development made and the tough economic times we have had we should still thank those men and women.

To me they are heroes and despite the fact that they are unsung heroes they are the foundation of this country. if you can please shed a tear in their support. so if you make a toast today or go eat mbuzi, or go for the presidential speech or just stay in the comfort of your house then remember those men and women who made it possible for our jamuhuri to be a jamuhuri.